Latinas for Trump held its first rally at American Social, a local bar in the Brickell area of Miami.

photo: Fox News Latino

Shortly after Ted Cruz and John Kasich abandoned the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Denise Galvez found herself in a conundrum. The Cuban-American public relations guru had voted for Sen. Marco Rubio in the March Florida primary that he lost by double digits to the eventual nominee, Donald Trump. “I have known Rubio for a long time,” Galvez said. “I thought he was the best candidate.”

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She could have either sat out the general election, temporarily switch her allegiance to the Democrats, vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, or cast her ballot for Trump, a candidate who derided Mexicans crossing the border as “rapists” and recently drew bipartisan criticism over his comments that an American-born judge of Mexican descent is biased against him.

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Francisco Alvarado is a freelance journalist in South Florida.