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Ever since Donald Trump won the presidency, Latino students have stopped going to school. It's not because they have the flu either. They're afraid.

Latino students and adults are being harassed and threatened throughout America. We will be updating this article with the latest news on any attacks against Latinos. 

"We've had a complaint of a kindergarten student being harassed by a fellow kindergarten student, and up to the high school," Ben Horsley, a spokesman for the Granite School District, told FOX13.

Two Mexican-American sisters, who are both students at the same high school, have been harassed by their classmates.

"There was a lot of rude and negative comments towards Latinos," Angelica Gomez, a sophomore at Kearns High School, told FOX13.

Her sister, senior Aylin Gomez said she heard: "Hey man, you get a free trip back to Mexico, you should be happy," in the hallway.

"You wetbacks need to go back to Mexico," another student told Aylin.

The most devastating part is that little children are now living in fear.

"One of the little kiddos in our elementary school indicated he didn't think he'd be back at school the next day, and when they asked him why he said, 'because Donald Trump was elected president I may have to go back to Mexico,'" Jeff Haney, a spokesman for the Canyons School District in Utah, told FOX13.

This is just one of many stories in which Latinos said they are being subjected to hate and bigotry. 

San Jose, CA: Flor and Victoria Martinez told CBS they're afraid their family will be separated because they are undocumented citizens.

The sisters were brought to the United States illegally when they were 3 and 1. However, their young brothers are American-born, so they worry they will be ripped away from them. 

They are able to live and work here under president Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), but Trump plans to undo that executive order.

"If we had to go back, we wouldn’t want them to go with us, because they made it here," Flor told CBS. "They’re allowed to stay and we wouldn’t want to take that from them, even if they tried to go back with us. That’s barely hitting me now. I wouldn’t allow them to leave with us."

Ventura, CA: Fifth graders told a Latino student to "build a wall!"

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Denver, CO: Uber driver kicks Latina out of his car.

Royal Oak, MI: Students chant "build the wall."

Philadelphia, PA: Hate mail.

Brooklyn, NY: An actress feels unworthy.

Denver, CO: Brown woman automatically means she's Mexican? So messed up.

Bucks County, PA: "Go back to Mexico."

Queens, NY: "Sit in the back of the bus."

Bucks County, PA: Latina student told to go back to Mexico.

Many school officials are telling students to report incidences of harassment. Some teachers are trying to ease the fears of their students by explaining that Trump won't be able to instill his agenda without the agreement of Congress. 

"I think it must be so terrifying to be a kid," Sarah Swanson-Hysell, a teacher at Lighthouse Community Charter School in California’s Oakland Unified School District, told Fusion. "To feel like you have no power and these ‘other’ adult strangers are making decisions that could rip away family members. Kids know what racism is and are struggling to understand why and how people in this country could make a leader out of an open racist."

We're all trying to understand that as well. 

[Update: Nov. 13] Redding, Ca: A high school student gave out bogus "deportation letters" to his Latino classmates.

One day after Americans voted for Trump to be our next president, a student at Shasta High School, located in Redding, California, sent out "deportation letters" to his Latino classmates. 

However, school officials weren't aware of this stupid and ignorant hoax until parents contacted school superintendent Jim Cloney. 

The "order of deportation" was all a joke by an unnamed male student, New York Daily News reports, but parents and school officials were very upset.

"It cannot be overstated that we do not agree this type of behavior is funny," Cloney told the Daily News in a statement. "This sort of racially and culturally insensitive behavior is not tolerated at any of our schools and the administration intervened immediately when made aware of it."

We will update this post with further reports of Latinos being harassed and threatened post-election.

[Update Nov. 15] Silver Spring, MA

On Sunday morning, just days after Trump became our president-elect, a priest found his church vandalized with an incredibly hateful message

Outside the church, in back of their banner that advertised the church's Spanish service, someone wrote: "Trump nation. Whites only." 

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington released the following statement: "We stand here to say that we are firm in our rejection of such violence and that we are a nation of immigrants and of people of all cultures and faiths, and that there is no place for such violence in our land."

There's a $10,000 dollar reward for anyone who has information on this hate crime. If you do, please call: Crime Solvers of Montgomery County toll-free at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477).

[Update Nov. 16] San Francisco, CA

A Latina nanny was physically and verbally assaulted by a man in an urban neighborhood in San Francisco. The man told her "no Latinos here," CBS SF reports.

The nanny was taking care of two young children at the time and was confronted by a man dressed all in black. She suffered scratches all over her arms, but is otherwise unhurt.

"You certainly don’t expect that to happen," San Francisco resident Tiffany Bindoo, who was in the Fort Mason park later that evening, told CBS SF. "I certainly hope it’s not related to the Donald Trump thing because you are reading a lot about the backlash that’s going on and I hope that’s not what it is."

What else could it be?

San Francisco police report that they apprehended a man that fit the profile and is currently at a psychiatric hospital.

The following day of the attack, District Supervisor Mark Farrell issued a statement about the incident saying, "Hate, discrimination, and violence are not welcome and will never be tolerated in San Francisco. San Francisco is known across the world as a place that accepts people for who they are regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or sexual identity."

[Update: Nov. 17] Redwood City, CA

One day after Trump's victory, a 34-year-old man, from Millbrae (Northern California), punched a Latino man after he made derogatory slurs at him, SF Gate reports. 

According to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, the man approached the Latino man and said in Spanish, "I’m white. I’m from here." "He then demanded to know where the victim was from, yelled a racial slur and punched him in the chest," Mercury News reports. 

Police arrested the male suspect after he approached another non-white man and said: "Why are you in my country? Fuck you. You are lazy."

Police have charged him with a hate crime. 

[Nov. 21] Koylton Township, Mich.

On Nov. 12, a Latino family woke up to find their home had been vandalized with boxes stacked up to look like a wall. The boxes were spray painted in red and had the words "Donald Trump" "take back America," and "Mexicans suck."

The family also found a doll made of balloons hanging nearby, KCBD reports. According to news reports, the family said they were preparing for their daughter's quinceañera.

The Tuscola County Sheriff's Office released the following statement: 

"Deputy Steve Roland is investigating an ethnic intimidation case stemming from an incident at a home on Smith Rd in Koylton Twp of Tuscola County. A person of Mexican decent lives there. This is a crime. This sort of thing will not be tolerated."

If anyone has any information about this hate crime please call: 989-673-8161 ext. 4056.

[Nov. 22] Palm Coast, FL.

Two kindergarten Latino boys that attend different schools in Florida arrived home with a swastika on their body. Both seemed to have been reported on Nov. 18 and happened in Palm Coast, FL.

One boy that is half Black and half Latino didn't even understand what was written on his hand.

"He thought it was something that a friend had drawn, as a friend," his grandmother told Fox 35. She also added that once her grandson heard her gasp at the sight of the swastika, the little boy thought he was in trouble. He told her a middle school boy had drawn that, and he wasn't the only one. 

Another kindergarten boy, who is Puerto Rican, Panamanian, Greek and Black, was also marked with a swastika on his body. He had the symbol on his arm.

According to Fox 35, police officials say that no crime was committed because when they questioned the suspect, a middle school student, he claimed he didn't know what the symbol meant. But that is an odd response, considering he drew that mark on non-white kids.

The school said that they are still investigating the incident and said that the incident "is not consistent with our expectations of respect, tolerance, and civility toward all students. We take this seriously."

[Nov. 28] San Diego, Ca

Linda Sotelo, the Executive Director of the New American Museum, posted on Facebook that a sign in the museum was vandalized with anti-immigrant language. She writes: 

"Today our exhibition signage was vandalized and defaced with anti-immigrant slurs. Our space exists to uplift and celebrate the contributions of all multi generational immigrants and that diversity on which our Country was built and continues to stands on..."

One image has the words: "Too much immigration! Go back to your country. This one is ours." The second image has the words: "Over population & crowding. By immigration."

The museum, which opened in 2008 says its mission is to celebrate "America's past and promise," while also "inspiring educational and cultural programs" that honors the diverse immigrant experiences.

The Facebook post added: "The New Americans Museum is a place and a space that celebrates the diversity and richness of the contributions of ALL immigrants to our nation's fabric through arts and culture programming, visual arts exhibitions, oral histories and children's citizenship ceremonies... the things that bind and unite as all as AMERICANS."