After singing the national anthem countless times, Leah Tysse decided not stand during her performance for the first time. Tysse kneeled while she sang the last notes of the national anthem at a Sacramento Kings pre-season game on Monday, October 10.

Tysse made the bold move to support Black Lives Matter and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, whose been criticized for kneeling during the anthem as well.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Tysse explained that kneeling is the most patriotic thing she could do.

"I cannot idly stand by as Black people are unlawfully profiled, harassed and killed by our law enforcement over and over and without a drop of accountability," she wrote. "The sad reality is, as a white American, I am bestowed a certain privilege in this nation that is not enjoyed by all people. Black families are having much different conversations with their children about how to interact with the police than white families."

Tysse also said it's time to acknowledge that white privilege exists, so Americans can have better conversations about race.

Plenty of people support Tysse's protest, including "How to Get Away with Murder" actor Kendrick Sampson.

Author and chef Sunny Anderson also tweeted her support.

Sacramento resident Linda Aceves witnessed the performance. She told a local news affiliate that she hopes something positive comes out of Tysse's protest. 

"I think its been a good benefit for our country to actually have some more dialogue and get some real action, because it's one thing to kneel," Aceves said. "But if you're not going to do anything after that, what's the point?"

However, some people did not appreciate the singer's defiant protest or her explanation.

"I'm offended by it," Sacramento resident Randy Smith told local news affiliate KCRA. "To me, it was on the wrong stage and on the wrong platform to do it. We've always stood as a sign of respect."

Tysse's not swayed by the criticism.

She encouraged all Americans to fight for change in her Facebook post. "This is not who we claim to be as a nation," she wrote. "It is wrong and I won't stand for it. #solidarity #pleasevote."

Vivala has reached out to Tysse for comment and said she isn't doing interviews at this time.

Watch Leah Tysse's full performance below: