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Maná and Los Tigres del Norte rocked out at the 2015 Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday, and their electric performance served a very political purpose: to remind us that our votes are critical in the upcoming elections. Together the bands performed Los Tigres del Norte's immigrant anthem "Somos Más Americanos," which has lyrics like: 

Y si no miente la historia, aquí se sentó en la gloria la poderosa nación entre guerreros valientes, indios de dos continentes, mezclados con español. Y si a los siglos nos vamos: somos mas americanos, somos mas americanos que el hijo de anglo-saxón.

Check out their live performance below:

Following their performance, the groups unveiled a banner onstage which read "Latinos unidos no voten por las racistas." Maná frontman Fher Olvera has been very vocal about his anger toward Republican candidate Donald Trump. Over the summer at a concert in L.A., he compared the businessman to Hitler adding, “Latinos and Mexicans came to this country to build it from the ground up. It doesn’t matter what one cabrón said — just remember that he insulted our fathers, our mothers; he insulted everyone. And that is inadmissible. When you go out to vote, which is soon, you know what you have to do.” 

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By using the Latin Grammys' stage as a platform, these bands reminded millions of Latinos of the power they possess to truly impact the direction of this nation. Website, powered by Voto Latino, went live during their performance, keeping the encouragement strong by providing a link for people to register and pledge to vote in the upcoming election. 

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