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Newsflash: Mexican immigrants are leaving the United States in droves. That’s startling news, especially with the current rhetoric coming from Republican presidential candidates, or, to be more specific, Donald Trump.

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About 1 million Mexicans and their families — which includes U.S.-born children — left the U.S. for Mexico between 2009 and 2014, while 870,000 Mexicans entered the U.S. during the same period, according to a Pew Research study. That shows the largest net drop since the mass migration into the U.S. that began in the '70s. So why are so many Mexicans and their American-born children leaving the country? The study attributes a couple of factors:

  1. The country’s slow recovery from the Great Recession that occurred between 2007 and 2009 made the U.S. less appealing to Mexican migrants
  2. Stricter immigration laws, especially at U.S.-Mexico borders
  3. An increase in deportation from the U.S. since 2005
  4. The improvement of Mexico’s economy

"The nature of immigration itself is beginning to change," said Mark Hugo Lopez, director of Hispanic research at Pew.

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Lopez also said that, in the coming years, Asians will become the dominant immigrant population due to the surge of student and technology immigrants from China, India, and other Asian nations, entering the U.S.

This study will definitely factor into the current election dialogue, but who knows? The GOP might stick to their already programmed agenda and ignore these facts.

If the GOP chooses to applaud the high number of Mexican immigrants leaving the U.S. that automatically concludes that President Obama is doing something right with his jurisdiction of securing the borders and his approval of mass deportations. According to another Pew study, the Obama administration deported a record 438,421 unauthorized immigrants in 2013.

This study also reveals what some might already be speculating: That the U.S. isn’t that appealing for immigrants in general. With today’s current back-and-forth issues regarding whether to accept Syrian refugees or not, and conservatives’ response to the immigrants that are already here, can their lives improve in our current chaotic immigration mess?

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It seems the more appealing country for immigrants could be Canada. Newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is removing visa requirements for Mexican citizens entering Canada; the country is also proposing plans to take in about 500 to 3,000 Syrian refugees.

With those kinds of promising immigration plans, presidential hopefuls might want to turn to the Canadian government for tips on how to make this country great again.