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Fifty-two people are dead and 12 injured after a riot broke out in a prison near Monterrey in Northern Mexico, TIME reported.

The violence began at the Topo Chico jail overnight between two rival inmate groups. While officials have said the situation is currently under control, crowds of people worried about loved ones have congregated outside the jail to demand answers.

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"I want to know that my daughter is okay. She is in the infirmary,” said one woman, according to an article on BBC. “There are children in there."

This isn’t the first time the heavily overcrowded Topo Chico jail has dealt with violence. Back in 2011, the prison’s security chief was kidnapped, killed, and his body dismembered. There’s also been several escape attempts by inmates, including one involving a grenade attack from outside the prison walls.

The sad tragedy has happened just days before Pope Francis is scheduled to visit a different prison in the Ciudad Juárez, once known as the “most dangerous city in the world,” according to CNN, because of the violence happening between drug cartels. Residents of the Mexican border town hope the pope’s visit will serve as a testament of how far they’ve come.

“We can show the world things have changed,” Guillermo Dowell, a spokesman for the governor of Chihuahua state, said according to an article on the Guardian. “The pope’s visit marks a new era for Juárez.”

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We truly hope this area of Monterrey will soon see a similar renaissance, sooner rather than later. Check out these incredible images from the chaos at the prison.