Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto has made history as the first-ever Latina and Mexican-American woman US Senator — and she was officially sworn in this week.

She is also making leaps and bounds in the political sphere as the first female senator from Nevada.

On Tuesday (January 3), vice president Joe Biden read the oath to Cortez Masto at the Capitol.


According to NBC News, Cortez Masto said those three powerful words that spoke nothing but the truth. "I have always said it's important to have diversity in the United States Senate," the Senator added.

Being the first-ever Latina to serve in the United States Senate means "having a seat at the table."

In an interview with NPR, Senator Cortez Masto explained how important it is for her to hold such a profound title and said,

"It's being a voice and having a different perspective and bringing that voice to the table to fight for issues that I know are important for not just people in Nevada but across this country. It is young women, young girls, that now know and see somebody in a position that they think that they can achieve."

Even though her win is a major step, there's still much work to be done — which is probably why she continues to write "LaLucheSigue" ("The fight continues").

Seven Latinos were also sworn in on Tuesday, increasing the number of Latinos in the Congress to 38.

We can't wait to see the impact Senator Cortez Masto has on the Congress. Congratulations!