As the world still mourns the 49 lives lost during the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando earlier this month, one man is speaking out on what he thinks led Omar Mateen to commit such a horrific act.

A man who claims to be Mateen’s ex-lover recently sat down for an interview with Univision, saying he believes the shooting was an act of “revenge” against gay Latino men. While wearing a disguise to reveal his true identity, the man, who is calling himself Miguel, told Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas that Mateen was “100 percent gay,” and that the two had allegedly met up 15 to 20 times over the course of two months, though it's worth noting that Univision reports that it was unable to independently verify Miguel's story. 

“He adored Latinos, gay Latinos, with brown skin — but he felt rejected. He felt used by them . . .” Miguel said. “Guys used him. That really affected him. I believe this crazy horrible thing he did — that was revenge."

According to Miguel, Mateen was particularly upset after a man he had sex with later revealed that he was HIV positive. 

Miguel also recalled Mateen allegedly showing frustrations over his father’s extremist views on homosexuality, which included a belief that "gay people [are] the devil and gay people have to die," Miguel said.

As to why he’s decided to come out with his story, Miguel says it's his "responsibility as a citizen of the United States and a gay man." He also told Salinas that he’s already approached the FBI and been interviewed three times, which the FBI confirmed to Univision as well. 

“I’ve cried like you have no idea,” said Miguel. “But the thing that makes me want to tell the truth is that he didn’t do it for terrorism. In my opinion he did it for revenge.”

According to the Associated Press, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Tuesday that while investigators haven’t pinpointed a single motive in the shooting, they’re not ruling out witnesses' reports suggesting Mateen may have had gay interests.

"We still do believe that this was an act of terror and an act of hate," Lynch said.