As word on social media began to circulate about the mass shooting at Pulse, a gay club in Orlando, Florida, locals and international onlookers alike flocked to the nightclub's Facebook page to exchange information and share their condolences for the 50 people killed, and the several dozens more that were left wounded. 

The first post on their page came shortly after the gunman opened fire around 2 a.m. Sunday, which happened to be Latin Night during Pride Week. The Facebook status "Everyone get out of pulse and keep running" launched thousands of responses that included everything from first-person testimonies to gun control debates. Since then, the Pulse Facebook page is now a living record of Facebook users' immediate thoughts and reactions to this great tragedy, which CNN described as "the worst terror attack in U.S. history since 9/11."

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Here are just 16 heartbreaking comments you will find on the nightclub's quickly evolving Facebook page. 


Ricardo J. Negron Almodovar

Luckily, this Facebook user was able to escape the shooting unharmed.


Jessenia Marquez

As shooting statistics will attest, not everyone made it out of the nightclub unharmed. This user has not responded to comments regarding her cousin.


Martha Bonilla

This comment was met with many kind responses. The user has not yet responded to other users' questions about her cousin's name or current status.


Marganita Klausner

This is one of hundreds of empathetic comments from international users on the Facebook page. 


Gabriel Gonzalez

Some of the most touching Facebook comments on the Pulse page are also the simplest.


Thomas Birch

This image is one of the few sharing an image related to Pride Week.


Frayda Berkowitz

Many Facebook commenters used the Pulse page to speculate about the shooter's motives. Homophobia and anti-Latino sentiments are common theories.


Jeanie Gallacher

This is one of the more eloquent examples of Facebook users decrying homophobia on the Pulse page.


Evan Steer

As evidenced by this comment, efforts to help victims of the shooting have already started.

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Joe Caridi

In addition to mention of gun reform, mental illness repeatedly came up in early comments to the Pulse page.



Pride is supposed to be a joyous occasion for LGBT people and allies throughout the world.


Karanbir Singh Tinna

This Facebook post echoes others that encourage positivity and prayers without explicitly mentioning God or a specific religion. Islamophobic comments erupted on the Pulse page before the shooter's identity was even confirmed.


Joey Lena

Singer Christina Grimmie was shot and killed in Orlando after a concert earlier this weekend.

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Meranda Moates

A few Facebook users seemed to share a personal connection to Pulse, even if they were not at Latin Night when the nightclub was attacked.


Aylin Francine

Mention of European terrorist attacks also popped up on the Facebook page.


Rasheedah Undi Ladd

This comment powerfully combines words and images in a single meme in a nod to Pride Week.