Rosie Perez
photo: Splash

Just because Rosie Perez is a Democrat supporting Hillary Clinton, doesn't mean that she's pleased with how the Democratic party has treated Puerto Rico. 

In an interview with MSNBC's José Díaz Balart on Tuesday (July 26), Perez expressed disappointment over the way Republicans and Democrats have addressed the needs of Puerto Ricans.

I think that people treat the island and the people that live on the island as second-class citizens, [as if] they are sub-par, [as if] they are not important. Puerto Ricans are United States citizens and I think that the issue of statehood or independence needs to be addressed and needs to be resolved. And right now, on the island, the majority of people want statehood. Why isn’t that addressed? Why is that not respected? 

Perez's remarks come almost a month after President Obama signed the PROMESA bill into effect, to help the island emerge out of its over $72 billion debt. 

The bill has been met with opposition by some blasting the bill's approval of dropping minimum wage to $4.25. The fact that PROMESA puts a control board in charge of handling the island's financial crisis is only a further assault to the rights of the Puerto Ricans on the island since the board will be made up of unelected U.S. government officials who are not familiar with life in P.R.

Perez is not alone in preferring statehood over independence for Puerto Rico. As it stands, the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico is not working. In 2012, 54 percent of the island disapproved of P.R.'s political status with the states and 61 percent voted for Puerto Rico to become the 51st state. 

However, nothing has changed to Puerto Rico's commonwealth status. For this reason, it's important that Puerto Ricans living in the States continue to speak up on behalf of those on the island, like Perez and "Hamilton" hit-maker, Lin-Manuel Miranda so frequently do. 

Since those living in Puerto Rico can't vote for the president (which is total BS), it's up to the Puerto Ricans living stateside to vote for a leader who will give Puerto Rico the consideration it deserves.  

Check out Rosie's full interview below.