As stories of deportations have become increasingly common in the media, we are often armed with information of what happened or what will be happening to the people in these situations. However, Pennsylvania senator Bob Casey tweeted about a Honduran family's struggle from a period that's hardly written about: their deportation happening in real time. 

Casey took to Twitter to share the critical moment he found out that a Honduran mother and her child were being deported.

According to local NBC news, they were one of 14 "longterm" families detained at the Berks County Residential Center outside Reading, Pennsylvania — they were at the facility since December 2015. 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rushed their removal even though they had paperwork ready to help them make a case for them to stay in the states.

They fled Honduras for their own safety.

The Overseas Security Advisory Council reports that Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world and the US Department of State issued a travel warning since 2012 to advise travelers about the alarming crime rates.

And senator Casey wasn't afraid to highlight that the Trump administration's decision could have a fatal impact on their lives.

He made it clear what their future was going to be like if they returned to Honduras.

He even made a callout for everyone to contact DHS to try and help save them...

...including president Donald Trump.

Casey also noted that they weren't "bad hombres" or criminals — common phrases Trump has associated with undocumented immigrants throughout his campaign, and now his presidency.

Hell, he was even transparent about his own stance on immigrations policies and the border, but this is where he draws the line.

It must have been a wake up call for him, too.

It was a life-changing race against the clock.

This man did NOT stop tweeting throughout the entire process.

Casey also managed to go on television with MSNBC to amplify his plea to help rescue them.

He made his case on national TV because DHS told him that the White House could reverse the order. 

But nothing was happening...

...and the lack of answers from officials led him to assume that the worst scenario was now their reality.

Attorney Bridget Cambria explained to local NBC news how they were fighting for the mother and son's case even though Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had already deported them without warning. "We applied for the child this week who had qualified for a special immigrant juvenile status (SIJS) and brought it to ICE and the courts and we were in court today. We literally were arguing to include this child while immigration was watching the plane take off," she said.

Casey's final word to the president and immigration agencies was this:

He tried but it wasn't enough and, unfortunately, this is just one of the thousands of gut-wrenching immigration cases that won't have happy endings either.

You can read the entire account through his Twitter thread by clicking here (and scrolling down).