As tradition goes about this time each year, American college students flock to warmer weather down south for spring break — and of course, Mexico is a popular destination.

Despite the current tense political climate, spring breakers aren't letting that stop them from partying on Mexico’s beautiful beaches ... or acting like they own the place either. 

In fact, American college kids feel so emboldened, they were spotted chanting "build the wall!" on a Cancun ship alongside Mexicans and other Latinos. 

The incident happened during a family show on March 3 on the Captain Hook Pirate Ship, according to an editorial published in The Yucatan Times, a local newspaper for the English-speaking community.

Towards the end of the show, American spring breakers began chanting the phrase made famous during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Although Mexican tourists complained about the noise, the college students continued and reportedly got even louder.

One fellow passenger took to Facebook to call out the Americans.

Spring breakers in Mexico chanted build that wall outraged Facebook post
photo: Facebook/Anaximandro Amable Bruga

“I have always been tolerant of the countries of the world, and I’ve wanted to believe that human stupidity and ignorance is characteristic of a small group of people, particularly on this subject,” wrote Anaximandro Amable Bruga, a Peruvian man who was enjoying his honeymoon with his Mexican wife, Suly, on the ship. “But there are things that you can’t tolerate, like speech that incites hatred, or what’s worse, stupid hate – as Mexicans would say – as in, dumb hate.”

In the since-deleted Facebook post written in Spanish, Bruga also wanted to highlight the deeply rooted ignorance the Americans displayed that night.

“To them neither Guatemalans, Hondurans, Venezuelans, Colombians, Argentines nor Peruvians exist. There’s no difference. We are all regarded as Mexicans. That [is] how arrogant they are. And with that same cretinism they praise and support the decisions of their new fascist president.”

People on social media didn't appreciate the spring breakers' disrespectful behavior.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

According to The Yucatan Times:

“This situation is far from being an isolated incident, and it adds to the growing number of complaints from tourism sector workers, who point out that in recent days many Spring Breakers have been offensive, ruse and haughty towards Mexican people,” they wrote. 

Bruga ended his post by urging Latin Americans to support one another, no matter what the heritage is of the person being attacked, to help dispel the racial ignorance that is consistently perpetrated.

“We cannot be tolerant or even less mediators or flexible with these kinds of harmful attitudes, just like we can’t be tolerant with lies or with attacks against a person’s or a people’s dignity. No one told me about it: I lived it and it hurt and it bothered me and it filled me with rage, sadness and impotence.

"Latin Americans: When you see a brother being insulted or beaten, don’t support the perpetrator, don’t join his beating by making fun of him, or insulting him or creating memes. Defend him because they are literally also insulting you. Feel it. We share the same story.”