When a high school student openly expressed her anxiety in an essay about Donald Trump her teacher then responded with the most insensitive comment

It all started when a teacher at Centreville High School in Virginia asked her students to write a personal essay on how they felt about Donald Trump winning the election, WUSA 9 reports. She instructed them to be as honest as possible, and, told them they could vulgarity need be.

A sophomore Latina wrote an essay expressing what most people feel: Trump isn't fit to be president because of his racist views.

"I'm very disgusted in the election," she wrote, and added that Trump "judges people by their race and gender." She also wrote that Trump "can kiss my ass."

The young woman finished her essay by stating: 

"I am thankful for the life I have and my family," and added in parenthesis "(which Trump is trying to deport because we are Hispanic, but whatever)."

The teacher, which school officials have not publicly named, responded to her essay by questioning her immigration status.

"Are you legal or illegal (if I may ask)?" the teacher wrote on her paper. "It depends on that factor for deportation. I hope you get to stay!"

While the teacher may have been trying to be supportive — she hasn't commented on this situation yet — asking a minor about their immigration status is a risky, and now dangerous, move. 

Kelly Valera, the student's mom, told WUSA 9 that she feels extremely hurt by the incident and felt the teacher was insensitive to her daughter.

"It hurts to hear the fears that she has" Valera told WUSA, "and for a teacher to say, 'I hope you can stay' is so wrong."

Valera has already talked with the principal about this situation, and school officials have removed her daughter from that classroom. But Valera said that her daughter now feels even worse because she's not in class with her friends. 

"She can't even walk down the same hallway that she used to walk down because she wants to avoid that teacher, who is still on the job teaching," Valera said to WUSA 9. "Now she is the one feeling like she did something wrong because she was pulled out of her class with all her friends. These kids are scared and she's scared because of the way the teacher made her feel."

A spokesman for Fairfax County Public Schools told WUSA 9 that school officials must provide "equitable treatment and opportunities for all" and that they are "not permitted to request a student’s proof of citizenship and does not enforce immigration laws."