Since president Donald Trump has taken office, there has been a noticeable rise in racism happening across the country. These incidents have occurred in person and online. Social media can be an incredible tool to connect people, but what many forget is that things never die on the internet.

Bonnie Godin Verne, a third-grade school teacher from Scottsdale, Arizona has learned this after coming under fire for suggesting that immigrants be killed instead of deported.

Verne responded to a tweet from Ann Coulter with two tweets of her own:

"Why deport? Just kill them." … "Or we can just put a bullet in their head immediately."

The tweets have since been deleted, but they continue to circulate thanks to the screenshots taken by other users. People called for Pardes Jewish Day School, Verne’s job site, to immediately terminate her and begin an investigation into the matter.

The school’s Facebook page also received one- and two-star reviews.

A few days later, Verne resigned from her job, where she had worked for 12 years.

Pardes Jewish Day School released a statement about the incident:

"Bonnie deeply regrets having in recent days made comments using her personal social media account that were inappropriate, offensive, and unbefitting of a Pardes teacher."

The school also acknowledged the importance of free speech, regardless of political views, but made sure to point out that, “with that right comes individual responsibility not to make hateful comments, which have no place in our school.”

Despite Verne’s employer being polite about her resignation, people on social media have not responded the same way.