Donald Trump pardons racist sheriff Joe Arpaio
photo: Reuters

When Donald Trump said he was "seriously considering a pardon for Sheriff [Joe] Arpaio," he wasn't lying.

Trump officially made his first presidential pardon for "America's toughest sheriff."

As a refresher, Arpaio was recently convicted of criminal contempt for racially profiling Latinxs.

Donald Trump pardons racist sheriff Joe Arpaio
photo: Reuters
The 85-year-old former Arizona sheriff was found guilty of violating a court order to stop targeting and detaining Latinxs on the assumption that they were undocumented — and that's just scratching the surface of what this man is infamous for.

He and his department harassed Latinxs, called Latinx inmates "wetbacks" and "fucking Mexicans," and placed them outside in tents when Arizona's temperature was over 100 degrees. "I put them up next to the dump, the dog pound, the waste-disposal plant," Arpaio told The New Yorker in 2009.  

During his tenure, he and his team failed to investigate over 400 rape cases. And so many people died at Maricopa County Jail that the district had to pay over "$40 million to settle wrongful injury and death lawsuits brought on behalf of Maricopa County inmates and their families," the American Civil Liberties Union reported

As soon as the announcement was made, many people expressed their disgust and frustration with his decision.

Political commentator Ana Navarro said, "It is a slap in the face for most Latinos. This man has served his career on being a guy who does racial profiling." 

But it really wasn't a surprise.

Many called out Trump for deciding to stand with/for hate.

These tweets really do speak for themselves.

They also slammed him for giving the middle finger to the Latinx community.

But with their vocal denouncement of Trump, they also reminded everyone about the power of the people.

Arpaio has lost his bid for a seventh term because of Latinx voters.

And it wasn't just Latinxs who were standing up and speaking out against this injustice, either.

Arpaio was facing a mere six months in jail, but when you're Trump's friend, anything goes.

Arpaio endorsed Trump, was in charge of security at his rallies, and served as a speaker at his events from time to time.

After all was said and done, Arpaio had the nerve to ask his "loyal supporters" to donate to his fund to pay off "legal fees from this fight."

You can't make this stuff up.

At the end of the day, Trump has already told the world how he feels about the Latinx community.

Pardoning Arpaio was just the cherry on top for him.