Vicente Fernández — 'El Rey de la Música Ranchera' — is the legendary Mexican singer who has been officially retired for a year. Like every musical icon, they always come back to give us "one final hit."

76-year-old 'Chente' came out of retirement as a big 'EFF YOU' to Trump with an endorsement for Hillary Clinton.

The song is appropriately titled, "El Corrido de Hillary Clinton."

It makes sense since he told thousands of his fans at a concert that he would spit on Trump if he ever saw him.

Naturally people cheered him on.

"El Corrido de Hillary Clinton" is in partnership with the Latino Victory Project, which is co-founded by Eva Longoria and Henry R. Muñoz III.

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The LVP's mission is to connect the Latino community and have their voices heard at "every level of the government.

In a press release from LVP, they praised Fernández for being such a crucial voice to the Latino community and his efforts are being used to remind them about the importance of voting.

"Vicente’s call to action is a powerful reminder that Secretary Clinton is the only candidate who will respect and work with the Latino community, and he is proud to stand with her.”

“My freedom, my rights, with Hillary there is respect,” is a snippet in his corrido. You can watch the listen to the song in its entirety in the video below:

“With her as president we’ll always have a bridge.”

Ooooh, Trump, Hillary got your ass good pulling this Vicente card — just sayin'.