Fact: Former president of Mexico Vicente Fox is NOT a fan of Donald Trump. In fact, he keeps trolling 45 on Twitter.

Another fun fact: Fox can’t stop dropping the F-bomb when it comes to Trump’s wall.

So he remained on brand when he casually said his favorite word while he was on live television — and CNN wasn't fast enough to bleep it out.

Alisyn Camerota (and the world) wasn't ready. 

Yup, it was real.

You heard the man: "Well, you can use my words. We'll never pay for that fucking wall."

Did CNN not know that Fox + question about Trump's wall proposal = INEVITABLE F-BOMB?!

This is the same person who has hashtagged #FuckingWall on his own Twitter account.

Of course, people lost it once they saw the footage.

It looks like it came just in time to set the tone for the weekend.

Camerota's face said it all:

*saves gif for future use*

But, again, he wrote it on his Twitter...

... he's said it in an interview with Jorge Ramos...

... and he couldn't make his stance on the matter any clearer in this Super Deluxe video — poster sign and all.

It's become his slogan. It's his ~ thing ~ now. 

We get it, Fox. We get it.

We're just waiting to see how long it takes before it comes out of his mouth again.