Former Mexican president Vicente Fox hasn’t been afraid to voice his opinion when it comes to president Donald Trump. Throughout Trump’s presidential campaign, Fox was front and center speaking out against the Republican candidate and later, nominee. Now, that Trump has taken over the White House, Fox doesn’t plan to stop.

Although Fox ended his Mexican presidency over a decade ago, he resurfaced when Trump proposed to build a border wall separating the US and Mexico. In an interview with Jorge Ramos, Fox said,

I’m not paying for the fucking wall. He should pay for it. He’s got the money.

It was quickly evident that Fox wasn’t alone on this stance. #FuckingWall began trending on Twitter as people around the world used the hashtag to express their anger towards Trump. The hashtag continues to thrive on Twitter as Trump’s presidency is underway.

Fox has embraced Twitter’s relevance, quickness and effectiveness to get his message across. He isn’t shy to dive head first into politics that affect millions of people globally. Trump may have met his Twitter match. Fox has mastered the art of tweeting fierce, sassy messages to Trump. Some may even call him a troll.

Here are several of Fox’s tweets that will give you life: 


Fox knows how to use pop culture to throw shade.


Speaking of...


He respects the Women's March on Washington.


Even Mexicans want to see Trump's tax returns.


"The fish dies by its own mouth."


And another jab at Trump's low inauguration attendance.


That's right, he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million.




A different perspective on the wall.




"He's got the money."


At the end of the day, he's hopeful.