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It sounds like a story right out of The Onion. Unfortunately, Washington state did just pass a ridiculous bill that could soon be forcing people to participate in an unwelcome peep show in order to use a public bathroom.

According to Pink Room, the new Republican-backed bill, which would enforce “genital-checking” in public restrooms, actually passed through the Law and Justice committee last night. The policy is wrong on so many levels, not just because genitals are not necessarily an indicator of a person’s gender, but because this would also mean everyone who wanted to use a public bathroom would have to flash their goodies to some random person. That’s a whole lot of penises and vaginas being flashed around for no reason.

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Who would even be in charge of these checks? Would it be a member of law enforcement? A medical professional, perhaps? I don’t know about you, but the whole thing seems like multiple sexual harassment suits just waiting to happen.

Sarah Warbelow of Human Rights Campaign said in a statement that she and the organization urge all “fair-minded people across the state to demand their lawmakers immediately stop these offensive assaults on fairness and equality.” She hopes the Senate will shut down these dangerous measures if they do, in fact, come to a vote on the floor. 

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Hopefully, people will realize these ridiculous “genital-checks” will benefit absolutely no one. If the bill passes, I probably won't ever visit Washington again, and I can bet I wouldn’t be alone on that one.