If you're a Latina, chances are that you grew up hearing the word "chingona" carrying a negative connotation. The Spanish term can be offensive to some, but others have reclaimed it with a sense of pride. 

With the slang word loosely translating to "badass woman," it makes sense why there's so many items branded with the phrase as a badge of honor.

So if you're a chingona, these 16 pieces of merch will speak to your powerful AF soul.


This says it all for you.

Being A Chingona Is Exhausting Black T-shirt ($30, Viva La Bonita)


We're getting "Como La Flor" chingona vibes right now.

Chingona T-shirt ($37, Viva La Bonita)


This crop top is the best statement piece you could have in your closet.

Chingona AF Crop Top ($20, Bella Doña)


¡Viva La Chingona Frida!

Frida La Chingona Shirt ($22, Sew Bonita)


The only gold name plate necklace you'll ever need.

14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Chingona Necklace ($99, Mala By Patty Rodriguez)


You can put this pin on anything and let the world know who you truly are.

Les Petite Stitches Chingona Pin ($10, Etsy)


Or you can opt for this one, which keeps it 100.

Chillona Pero Chingona Pin ($10, Pinaderia)


Every chingona needs her cup of coffee... or wine... or beer... or tequila.

Chula, Chingona, Comelona Latina Mug ($14, Blushing Crown)


This is anything BUT your basic "live, laugh, love" poster.

Printable Chingona Como Mi Mamá Spanish Poster Wall Art Download ($4, Etsy)


And this embroidery is next level fierce.

Chingona Embroidery Hoop Art ($25-TBD, can request custom order on Etsy)


Give your sofa the pillow upgrade it deserves.

Chingona Throw Pillow ($28, Redbubble)


These are perfect for when handling business, which is every single day for you.

Chingona Pencil Set ($6, Etsy)


Chingonas know they have to rep where they're from!

West/East or Midwest Chingona Cotton Canvas Tote ($20, Soy Chingona)


This is as straightforward as it gets.

Soy Chingona Dad Hat ($20, Etsy)


Real recognize real.

Chingona Thin Bar Double-Finger Ring ($20, Mano y Metal)


Of course you gotta hit up other chingonas to make plans because you're boss ass ladies.

Chingona iPhone Cover ($18, Sew Bonita)