It's the holidays, the perfect time to treat yourself, so here's a reminder that there's a whole world of merch out there celebrating our favorite Latinx foods. From T-shirts to pins to jewelry, these delicious items will make your foodie heart feel full.


This the perfect tee for concha lovers.

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Conchita T-shirt ($27, Somar ATX)


On days when you want something other than red fingertips to show off where your heart truly lies, you'll need these pins.

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Flamin' pin ($8,; Takis pin ($8,


This shirt says you're down to accept tacos as payment when you win a round of lotería.

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El Taco Loteria Card Shirt in Red ($25,


This is perfect for you and the comadre you love like you love empanadas.

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Custom Best Friend Necklaces ($35, Etsy)


Wear these colas with the utmost pride.

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Classic Colas Tee in White ($33,


When you're really about that elote life, you'll need this patch for every jacket you own.

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Elotes Patch - Mexican Street Corn ($5,


This perfectly sums up our feelings about a pot of gooey, melted cheese.

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Queso Heart Pin ($11,


Because there's nothing like a good slice of watermelon, right?


If you can open a mazapán without breaking it, these earrings are for you.

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Handmade original Don't break my Mazapán earrings by AngMir ($18, Etsy)


The best meals are the ones that end with a good cafecito.

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Cafe Bustelo Tee in White ($33, Peralta Project)