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photo: Corbis

New York City is a tricky place to understand and predict, but something undoubtedly happens when you move there: Your wardrobe will morph solely into combinations of grey and black on black on black. I was born and bred in Miami before I moved to NYC five years ago, but I always had a fascination with a darker palette — I was the cousin showing up to a family baby shower at a park in Miami with black booties and a denim jacket, while posing with my primas all in floral maxi dresses. 

In New York, I basked in the beauty of seasons and layers and learned how to mix my penchant for black with bright pieces that reminded me of my hometown down south. Since I moved back to Florida earlier this year, it will be my first fall and winter back in the humidity-laden subtropical land of Miami, and already, I know my fashion struggles will lie in how to acclimate once again to the eternal heat.

Because I refuse to lose my seasonal style that NYC gave me, I whipped up some ways to convert traditional winter looks into styles that any tropical girl can wear. Check out the pieces that anyone can wear to stay cool, even in the warmest of winters.

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