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Ladies, feel guilty about your shopping habits no more. The men in your life may actually be doing a lot more retail damage than you think. Yup, a new study shows that men spend more money per month on clothing and accessories than women, and it's making us grin from ear to ear. 

According to an article on the Muse, The Boutique @ Ogilvy found men spend an average of $85 a month on fashion, while women spend $75. It's not much, but it's enough to shut down the next misogynist comment we hear about women and shopping.  

The study also revealed men are most persuaded to purchase clothing by its value. Sales staff also influences them. So the next time a man gives you a hard time about your shopping habits, feel free to share this delicious little nugget of information with him.

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In fact, here are six other items men outspend women on.



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A 2015 study found that while both women and men spend an average of $100 to $299 each year on shoes, 45 percent more men than women said they spent over $1,000 per year on shoes.



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This one wasn't a total surprise, but now we have a study that proves it. CarGuru conducted a survey, which examined gender differences in car-shopping behavior, and found male shoppers spent about 13 percent more than female shoppers ($17,518 on average for male shoppers versus $15,485 for female shoppers). On average, guys also spent more time shopping for their vehicle.

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AskMen reports guys spend almost twice as much per year on alcohol than women — $552 versus $233. However, we do suspect the plethora of ladies night drink specials out there puts us at an an advantage. 



According to Todayone recent survey of workers found that men spend significantly more on coffee and lunch than women. Hmmm . . . guess that Starbucks addiction wasn't as bad as you thought. 



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We suppose the saying "boys and their toys" had to start somewhere. AskMen reports guys spend an average of $701 per year on “audio and visual equipment,” while women clock in at $536. The good news: We're all spending more on technology than on throwing back drinks. High five! 


Online Dating

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Looks like men are doing more swiping on Tinder, at least according to one study. Research found that "for every woman using an online dating service, there are more than two men.” This means guys are spending more on finding love online. Guess that's good news for a lot of singles out there.