The Spanish word "bonita" translates to "pretty" or "beautiful." It's something Latinas heard from their mamis growing up. Even though it's technically used to describe appearance, isn't just about looking great — it's feeling that way about who you are as a person, too.

 And now there's anew apparel brand that's capturing the essence of "bonita" perfectly. 

"Viva La Bonita" is an online shop "inspired by the spirit of the women who are fearless."

The brand also drew inspiration from the barrios in the Los Angeles county.

Their pieces are a street style blogger's dream — and they sell out fast.

It's clear that cultura is at the core of Viva La Bonita's collections.

Their "La Virgen Bonita" tee features La Virgen Maria and makes a bold statement with the words "Bonita Por Vida" ("Beautiful For Life") around the legendary figure. 

The description for this product reads, "When we lose all hope, we go to her to restore our faith."

Their take on the traditional Mexican card game, lotería, for their sweater is genius.

The original card reads "La Dama" but for this sweater is has been reimagined as "La Bonita" — and it's totally perfect. 

They even collaborated with a badass female rapper from the west coast, Reverie Love, for her music video "Push Forward."

Latina representation is the heart of Viva La Bonita's mission, and this teamwork helps highlight these inspirational women who are making a name for themselves. You can watch the video here.

They are also creating pieces that honor iconic mujeres, like Selena Quintanilla and Frida Kahlo.

They even have a dope "Anything for Selenas" shirt we needed in our lives, like...yesterday.

This brand allows Latinas to support a local business that speaks directly to them and their culture in an empowering way — and look fly while doing it.

If you want to be a part of the bonita squad, you can shop their collections here.

Viva La Bonita is an ode to the Latina community and they're killing the game.