Every DJ Khaled fan knows that staying away from "they" is a major key to success. The only problem is that the technology to activate a forcefield that will keep "they" out of your life isn't available. But have no fear, our Snapchat king teamed up with his favorite skin care line to give us the next best thing...

DJ Khaled x Palmer's They Block!

Talk about a genius marketing move!

This is not a drill folks! It is the real deal and just what we need to dodge the B.S. that is already knocking on 2017's door.

Given the current political climate, we know we are not alone in thinking the timing for this release couldn't be more perfect. 

"Anytime there’s negative energy around you just put a little on and you’re gonna be good,” Khaled told The Daily Show's Trevor Noah.

And just in case you needed any more direction, Khaled has a hilarious video where he comes across a group of haters and shows you just how to put They Block to work.

A quick application of the lotion and bam! They are gone.

But wait, there's more! Palmer's and DJ Khaled also wants to help you "Live Life Smooth" and get "We The Best Glow."

Khaled has always praised the power of the scent of cocoa butter on his Snapchat so it's no surprise that he is making that the selling point for We The Best Glow. But the reason why you need Live Life Smooth takes the cake: "Why live life rough when you could live life smooth?" Genius!

The best part is that with prices ranging from $7 to $8, anyone can afford this key to Khaled's success.

The special edition Cocoa Butter Formula Collection is available at Palmers.com and Wethebestore.com. Bless up!