photo: Jessica Molina, Vivala

When it comes to my food and the products I put on my body, I usually try to keep things as natural as possible. This can sometimes be hard because it seems like the fewer ingredients in a product, the more expensive it is. So when I saw beauty blogger Farah Dhukai touting the benefits of lime as deodorant, my interest was piqued. Can a fruit really keep me dry and stink-free under my armpits? Well, I decided to put it to the test.

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I've got to admit I was skeptical as hell. You see, I wish I could say that when I sweat, I do so in a dainty, discreet manner, but that would be a bold-faced lie. So these limes were in for a challenge.

Day one: I eased into the lime test with a super low-key day. I cut half a lime and applied it directly to my underarm, just like Dhukai did in the video above. When I first put the lime on it was a bit itchy and uncomfortable. I scratched it and was nervous I did it wrong but after the first 10 minutes any discomfort went away and I forgot I'd put it on. 

I work from home so I was pretty much at my desk the whole day. There were a few stressed-out moments where my sweat glands went into production mode, but for the most part I stayed dry and stink-free. 

Day two: Since I went easy on day one, I decided to really amp things up. I made sure my armpits were nice and fresh and put the lime on about a couple hours before I went to workout. I tried an aerial fitness class for the first time, which got my heart pumping and also challenged my fears by making me flip upside down. Suffice it to say, I was sweating within the first five minutes. 

I could definitely smell myself and worried I'd have to keep my arms down for the rest of the class. Fortunately, the lime stepped up its game, because I stayed fresh throughout the class. I was so amazed that the lime worked that I literally kept bragging about it to my boyfriend. However, he insisted he didn't want to smell my armpit to see how it well it had worked. His loss.

Feeling fresh as I hang.

photo: Jessica Molina, Vivala

Day three: At this point I was convinced in the magic of limes as a natural deodorant, but since I had some lime left over, I decided to keep my experiment going. It was a little hotter in my apartment so as I worked I felt my armpits get a little sweaty, but there were no unpleasant smells. 

Knowing that limes can work as a deodorant is a total lifesaver. Now if you forget to put deodorant on before you leave the house, all you have to do is buy a 30¢ lime rather than a new stick of deodorant for $5. And since no lime should go wasted, use the rest in a margarita. 

Super important note before you give this a try: You should not use limes as deodorant if you're planning on being in the sun for long periods of time. When lime interacts with the sun you can get a chemical burn, a condition referred to as phytophotodermatitis. The skin can swell and leave a mark, which will eventually go away; however, it can be painful and not pretty, so if you're planning on spending the day at the beach, stick to regular deodorant. Otherwise, you're in the clear!