photo: Adriana Ayales
I am constantly exploring ancient methods for anti-aging. There are countless cultures, if not every one, that have a ritual on how to stay and feel young. The common thread I've noticed is that, out of all of these cultures, none try to avoid getting old. There is no denial on aging or judgment for being a little more wrinkled, or less nimble or what not. 

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There is a mindful component to each immortality ritual that uses ACCEPTANCE as the key to staying young. It isn’t just about burning a million calories, eating raw food, and limiting your diet. It is about being in a constant state of adaptation to living a stress-free and healthy life. To me, tonic herbs (adaptogens) have truly restored my mind and body. Tonic herbs work on a multitude of levels: First and foremost they make you a chameleon, helping you adapt to any kind of stress or situation; they detox and provide nutrition for at least five of your organs; and last but not least, they ease your hormones. 

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Basically, they holistically harmonize your mind, body, and spirit with an exquisite and complex chemical symbiosis. Every culture has its set of tonic herbs that were adapted in its daily anti-aging rituals. All tonic herbs were used as food add-ons at every meal, making it truly a “food as medicine” concept. Other techniques embraced by many, whether it be Ayurveda or rainforest tribal culture, were: 1) Seasonal plant-based foods: leaves, fruits, nuts, and seeds are essential. When you eat whatever is around you, you are living in the moment. 2) No refined foods: They didn’t exist back then! And most tribes today don't use them. 3) Tonic herbs at every meal: Yes, most cultures add tonic herbs to all their foods. The give dishes an exquisite flavor and make every meal super healthy. It's as simple as adding spice essentials like ginger, turmeric, sage, cilantro, cumin, and rosemary to every meal. Or stepping it up a notch and making herbal broths for any base, like mangosteen peel, amla, graviola leaf, mango leaf, maca, spirulina, etc. 4) Rest: No computers, iPhones, and distractions. Chill out. It actually is healthy for you! 

Latin cultures embrace the siesta because it makes you smarter, healthier, and more beautiful! Without further ado, my Potion of the Week: 

Anti-Aging Potion Recipe 

Mangosteen Cacao Latte Recipe

1 tsp. mangosteen powder 
2 T cacao powder 
12 oz. cashew milk (or other nut milk of choice) 
1–2 T honey 
1 pinch of Himalayan salt 

Blend all together and enjoy! 

Health Benefits: Mangosteen is an amazing skin tonic, and vitamin C booster. Cacao is an energizing, mineralizing, and anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Himalayan salt supports your kidneys. 

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