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photo: Nicole Skyes / Instagram

We all love face masks. But YouTuber Nicole Skyes took that to another level by applying — and peeling off — a pore-clearing blackhead mask to HER ENTIRE BODY.

God almighty. Prepare yourself for some serious nightmares.

"Just to be smart, before I put the blackhead mask all over my body, I need to shave. EVERYWHERE," says Nicole. "Because I don’t want my hair getting ripped out."

"Hopefully it doesn't peel off my spray tan, but I feel like it's going to."

"I bought nine bottles of the blackhead peel. Hopefully it covers my whole body — if it doesn’t, I’m screwed. I’m also not looking forward to it drying, because that’s going to be a PAIN."

Nicole starts by applying the blackhead mask to her arms, and it kinda looks like she has world's shiniest blackout tattoo.

"It feels so relaxing," says Skyes as she applies the mask to her other arm.

Brave words.

"I forgot to shave my stomach," she gasps. "My stomach's gonna hurt FOR SURE."

It took four bottles of blackhead peel-off mask, but Nicole's body is finally covered. She uses a hairdryer to speed up the setting process — but it still took two hours for the mask to dry.

"I'm beginning to think this was a horrible idea," she says. "Right now it's crusted up and really tight... and every time I move, it pulls... it KILLS... my skin is hella red... and bumpy? Am I having an allergic reaction?"

The mask definitely LOOKS pretty horrifying as it cracks and peels off.


"I don't even know how to describe this. It feel like I'm getting scratched by ten thousand cats. But my skin feels super smooth!"


But it's peeling the mask off her stomach that is the worst. "Each hair is getting pulled. I can't do it, it hurts too bad."

"You know when you're in so much pain that your body just goes numb? That's adrenaline in me right now."

After peeling the mask off her stomach, her skin is so red, it's insane.

After peeling the blackhead mask off the inside of her thigh and nearly dying of swearing, Nicole taps out.

"That is it. That is all I can do. I am going to just shower the rest off. The pain, it hurts so bad. My skin is red and bumpy... but on the bright side, my skin is SUPER SUPER SMOOTH."

We salute Nicole for her commitment to glamour... and my face mask nightmares.

Watch her entire video — and cringe like you've never cringed before — right here.