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I think it’s time to ditch traditional New Year's resolutions completely in favor of something a bit more attainable: New Year's intentions. I know firsthand how the idea of a very specific goal or dream can be paralyzing to people. I’ve been to many ceremonies where shamans or medicine teachers ask us to be as specific as possible to narrow the symbolism within the visionary experience within the journey. The power of intention is about solidifying what the desire in the heart and mind is, in order to manifest your dream.

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The internal manifesto is simple. There is no “secret” to achieving what you want in life. Manifestation is all about aligning your daily reality with your dream. Regardless at how crazy your dream may sound, or perhaps “unachievable," it doesn't matter. Anything is possible. Set your mind to it, build the essential pillars in your routine that can support it, and go for it. Crafting daily rituals that construct your dream little by little is a peaceful way to remind yourself (and your loved ones) that you are capable of creating any goal you propose to yourself.

All you need are 3 simple ingredients:

1.      Enthusiasm and persistance

2.      Authenticity

3.      Focus

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However, I know deep down, we have this little voice that challenges us, reminding us that we are not worthy or capable of fulfilling our dream. This voice is a part of the psyche that exists in the shadows of the mind, only to challenge the light that we are cultivating. Allow it to exist. Be at peace with it, and see it as a reminder that you are a beautiful and perfect expression of the cosmos.

I am happy to report that since then I personally changed my thinking about how to build a dream, I began creating everything I wanted for myself. And don't get me wrong, this is HARD and it requires a total commitment to yourself. Yet, in my opinion, there is no other way to live but to be 1,000 percent devoted to the present moment and to your dream.

Intention Setting Body Potion Recipe

Healing Detox Milk Bath

1 Cup of ground oats

2 Cups of Epsom salt (or Kris's favorite, Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals),

1/4 cup of Raw apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup of Baking Soda

A few drops of Rose essential oil

Add to your warm tub and soak your cares away.

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Adriana Ayales is a Founding Creator and botanist. When she's not writing for, you can find her at the apothecary Botica & Co. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.