Nobody had to tell you summer was coming because you've been having night sweats about it since March. Not that that's surprising. You're always sweating, anyway. Because when you have oily skin, it's always Oil-palooza in Face-ville. When will it stop? September — or at least that's when it will subside. It never truly stops. You love your body and you're in awe of all the ways it provides for you, but you could do without the oily skin part. Can the oil factory just shut down already?

Here are 10 challenges every girl with oily skin knows in the summer:

photo: Christine Stoddard/Vivala

You're always sweating

Whoever said "Ladies don't sweat, they perspire" clearly never met you. Now where's that extra shirt?


Your zits are ferocious

This pimple-popping game is more savage than Whack-A-Mole. Backup, please!


Your deodorant spending is through the roof

Okay, maybe Mami was right about clipping coupons because you're back at the drugstore already.


You know the melted clown look

At some point this summer, your makeup WILL smudge in public. 


You depend on blotting sheets for your daily groove

It's not a toxic relationship, but you know you're obsessed with blotting shoots. They make your world go 'round. 


You know washing your face is hopeless

Okay, you get that you're supposed to do it...but does washing your face actually do anything?


You sometimes think about ditching your moisturizer

But what if the Moisturizer Gods are watching?


Your pillowcase is a horror story

How often do you have to wash this stupid thing, anyway?


You're convinced people only see your pimples and sweat sometimes

But I am more than my oily skin! Really!


You just want one day where you don't have to think about your skin

That would be a rainbow magic kind of day.