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If you’re someone with oily skin, chances are you’ve struggled to keep it moisturized without looking like an oil slick. You probably run away from anything that has an oil-based ingredient and shudder at the word glow-y because it has a completely different meaning to you. Let’s be real here: Us oily-skinned people were strobing without trying before it was even a thing. But in all seriousness, the task to find the right skin-care products can become tedious. Hours and hours of reading up on information, looking up YouTube videos, and asking store associates to help you out can leave you feeling defeated.

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And most people who have oily skin just want to get rid of it at all costs. Sian Jones, cofounder of Balance Me skin care, told Cosmopolitan, "Many people try and combat congested skin by using harsh, stripping products that remove all oils from the skin. This causes the skin to over-compensate for the reduction of oils by producing even more, which in turn worsens the congestion."

That’s right: In an attempt to combat greasiness with different chemicals, you've actually been helping your skin overproduce oils — oh, the irony. Since the harsh winter weather is here to stay for a while, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. Oily skin craves moisturizing love just as much as dry skin. With that in mind, we rounded up six different oils specifically formulated to give those with oily skin a little extra TLC.

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Sunday Riley

The Luna oil by Sunday Riley is YouTube beauty guru Claire Marshall’s favorite, and with reason. This magic in a bottle comprises cold-pressed avocado, chia, and grapeseed oils, which tighten your skin and minimize the pores, thus limiting excess oil production. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, $105; Sephora.com



The Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s not only looks good, but is also full of good-for-you ingredients. Lavender essential oil soothes inflamed or irritated skin, making this a must-have for people with oily and acne-prone skin. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, $70; Kiehls.com



Use Jouer’s treatment oil twice a day alongside your regular moisturizer. This mighty skin-care item is jam-packed with jojoba oil, which balances the skin’s natural production of sebum. Jouer Daily Clarifying Treatment Oil, $48; Jouercosmetics.com


Uma Oils

This clarifying face product from Uma Oils packs a powerful skin-care punch. Tea tree oil, lavender, clary sage oil, and grapeseed oil work together to soak up excess sebum and make your skin look flawless. Uma Oils Deep Clarifying Face Oil, $125; Umaoils.com



Tarte’s infamous maracuja oil smooths and brightens skin, while passiflora edulis seed oil hydrates  — without leaving you with a film of grease on top. Tarte Maracuja Oil, $75; Sephora.com



Caudalie’s overnight oil has six 100 percent natural and essential plant oils to feed your skin. Like many of the above-mentioned products, this one has grapeseed oil to minimize sebum production and give you that supple texture you want (extra-shiny greasy look NOT included). Caudalie Overnight Recovery Oil, $52; Sephora.com