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As more and more skin-care products on the market begin to use more naturally sourced ingredients, there are more options for treating a whole spectrum of skin issues or maintaining health without resorting to artificial ingredients. 

One such ingredient making waves is turmeric, a yellow-orange root that's long been used from everything from flavoring rice to treating colds. Lately, it's been popping up in the beauty community: Actress Daisy Ridley recently made headlines when she accidentally dyed her face yellow from a turmeric face mask (oops), and popular beauty bloggers such as Bianca Renee swear by turmeric's magical face-brightening properties as the secret to flawless, glowing skin. But is it safe? Can you — and should you — actually use turmeric on your skin?

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According to New York City–based dermatologist Doris Day, the answer is yes. Day tells Vivala that turmeric is one of her own personal favorite spices to use for both taste and healthy skin; however, she notes that you can get the most benefits out of turmeric if you ingest it instead of just applying turmeric onto your face. 

She suggests cooking with it and even sipping turmeric teas to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits, but cautions that turmeric is a natural dye and can stain your skin if used too often (see: Ridley turning her face yellow above). This doesn't mean you have to avoid turmeric face masks altogether, but Day encourages anyone with problematic or acne-prone skin to instead look for products that contain turmeric rather than applying the powder directly to their face. 

"It's great in acne products," she says. "When you look for a product you'll see curcumin or turmeric in the ingredients, and that's going to be the extract." 

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If you do want to use it in a face mask, and you don't have acne-prone or sensitive skin, pair it with other nourishing and soothing ingredients such as honey and plain yogurt

Bottom line: This is one trend you should feel free to experiment with.