photo: Marissa Pina, Vivala

Have any of you gals every gotten your nose hair waxed? I became a fan of the beauty service a few years ago when my sister-in-law introduced me to it. She was working at a wax center at the time in Miami when I went in to get my upper lip done. “You gotta get a nose wax too, Annie, it’s life-changing.”

She was right. Now I’m completely obsessed with it. Why? Well your nose just looks cuter, cleaner, and there’s just something more elegant about it.

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But I’ll be honest with you, chicas: I was scared my first time. I admit it. I was afraid of what it would feel like to let someone put hot wax in my nostrils and let a stranger pull. After all, I've experienced a bloody Brazilian wax before. I’m talking blood droplets flying everywhere after one hard yank. Sure, I had baby smooth skin after, but it was torture. I never again got another Brazilian wax after that experience.

My sister-in-law convinced me that a nose wax wouldn’t hurt. “Trust me, you won’t feel a thing,” she promised. So I went for it! She had done it and her nose looked perfect.

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The estheticians had me lie down on a bed. I watched her heat up a bowl of wax and grab a small tiny wood stick, like the one they use to push back your cuticles during a manicure. She dove the stick in the bubbling wax and twirled it around. I felt my heart start pounding. The next thing I knew, she was sticking it in my right nostril. I felt the warmth of the wax touch my skin. Forty-five seconds later, I felt a giant tug, and then the hairs being lifted one by one from each pore. I closed my eyes to try to make it go away. I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks. Then she went for the left nostril and it was the same thing all over again. It was a feeling I had never felt before and the nose is a very sensitive spot.

After she was done, the esthetician handed me a mirror. It was magical and worth every second. Honestly, ladies, I would highly recommend trying it. I know you’re going to love the results.