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There’s something about summer — aside from the chart-topping temperatures — that makes you want to show more skin. I don't know if it's the glowing tans, or the young, wild and free attitude that hangs in the air thicker than the humidity, but summer is the time to take it all off. Whether it's a strapless sundress or barely-there bralettes, everyone is shedding their layers of clothing and showing some skin.

This kind of exposure can come with stress for some, especially at the one place we look forward to visiting once summer hits: the beach. Now I could tell you that beauty is skin deep, and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes — and it absolutely does! Tengo mucho amor por mis flacas, gorditas, altas, bajas y todo en el medio. Pero, I have something better to share, and once you have this knowledge I can guarantee that you'll have a beautiful bikini body in no time.
I'm sure you’re wondering what I'm talking about, "Is it a diet? Crunches? A
faja!? Dios mío, not a faja!" But no, this secret can't be found in the fridge, solved at the gym or forcefully squeezed into. 

The secret to the perfect bikini body is confidence, ladies. Good ole confidence is the one thing you mustn't forget to bring to the beach this summer to ensure that you feel and look your best, no matter what you're wearing. It’s also free, and we all have it in us! Sure, we've heard it a million times before, but sometimes a friendly reminder is all we need. 

Target launched their “Target Loves Every Body” ad campaign this summer, which featured five models of different sizes. This a giant leap for any company in the fashion industry and shows that real bodies, regardless of shape, are universally beautiful.

Having confidence shows people that you are comfortable in your own skin and happy with who you are (which you should be!). This will translate into people seeing you the way you want to be seen: strong, sexy, smart, beautiful — the possibilities are endless with confidence. In terms of style, you just have to love what you wear and own it. And if you need swimwear inspiration, you know we’ve got you covered.

So next time you plan a trip down the beach, remind yourself that there is no imaginary line drawn in the sand stopping you from strutting down the shore in that itty bitty bikini or rocking that cut out suit you spent your grocery money on. Just don't forget that confidence!


The five women featured in Target's summer campaign.