Dascha Polanco body confidence
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Hollywood body standards didn't make it easy for "Orange Is the New Black's" Dascha Polanco to fulfill her acting destiny — or even feel good about her body. But in a new interview with Inked Magazine, she reveals how fashion helped her feel confident... and why she takes her new role as a body-confident queen so seriously.

Though she was always confident in her talent and intelligence, "My insecurities came physically, like being fat," Dascha says.

Even though she dreamed of acting since she was a little girl, she never thought she would be a star — because she never saw anyone who looked like in on TV or in movies.

"How can I be an actress when I don’t see anybody that’s like curvaceous, or anybody that’s really fat, or that looks like me?" she said.

Though these days, Polanco is the definition of body positive confidence, she says it was all just an act for a while — but that having fun with her fashion sense often helped her break through.

Dascha Polanco nude bodysuit
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“When I’m in a place, a social gathering, I never allow them to know that I feel insecure," she said.

Dascha Polanco fashion week
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"That’s why I love fashion. That’s my armor, my protection. You may think I’m insecure darling, but you see I’m not."

Dascha Polanco glitter coat
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She never lets style critics get in the way of her wearing EXACTLY what she wants.

Dascha Polanco pantless fashion week
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But when she gets home, all bets are off. "It’s like 'oh my gawd,' and I gotta take everything I have off. Ah, gimme that burger and that batta!"

Now she gets to inspire other women with her message of pride, confidence, and self-love.

She knows she has to represent Latinas — and curvy women — as best she can.

"We too are talented, we too can be sexy, we too can be athletic. We too can be a CEO, we can be as equal as anyone has been for years."

"Some people are built some ways, some people are not," she says. "You know this difference is your uniqueness and this is taking you to where you’re at."

PREACH, girl! That's real beauty.