photo: Corbis

Kim Kardashian made quite a name for herself in the fashion world in the years since she became a huge star. With over 47.5 million Instagram followers alone, it's no wonder she always has to be on point. The trend-setter thanks her husband, Kanye West, for her style evolution over recent years. Gone are the days of the tragic outfits she once donned — don't worry Kim, the early 2000's were rough for us too. 

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Confidently sitting in the front rows in New York and Paris, it's safe to say that designers, and the world, are keeping a close eye on her closet makeover. Kardashian has slowly refined her staples of figure-hugging items in muted colors, in the process inspiring her younger sister, Kylie Jenner In the wake of her chic style revival, Kardashian has let the world in on her seven style rules that she follows religiously and we've got proof.

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Dress for Your Shape

The Queen of figure-hugging clothing knows exactly what she has and how to flaunt it. Known for her staple two-piece midi skirts and crop tops, Kim isn't afraid to show off her curves and she's great at highlighting her best assets.


Stock Up on Black

Kim Kardashian shows us the power of a chic all-black ensemble, even if it's just to hop on an airplane. Here she's rocking a Vetements sweatshirt, J Brand jeans and Tom Ford boots. Stock up on black, stat!


Seek Outside Inspiration

Her Balmain bachelorette party dress came straight from the runway. It spoke to her style with a touch of sophisticated edge — perfect for roaming the Parisian streets. 


Less Is More

Known for her minimalist approach, this outfit says a lot without being a lot. The simple midi-dress, trench coat, strappy heels and slick backed bun make her look effortless. 


Get a Second Opinion

She's known for fitted clothing but we have a feeling she consulted her hubby for this outfit. Rocking palazzo pants and a floor length vest was risky for the petite 5'3'' Kim, but she pulls it off in an all-white scheme and cuts that makes her looks six feet tall.


Embrace the Bump

Some hide under baggy clothes while they're pregnant, but Kim accentuates it in true fashionista form. Her sheer Givenchy number for the  designer's NYFW show highlighted her bump in a super sexy way.


Show Some Personality

Kim does occasionally dabble in bold colors. Her red numbers show that she can have fun without sacrificing her style. She has her classic-chic formula down.