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If you spent a good part of your childhood over at your grandparents’ house, chances are, you know what's up with Sabado Gigante and . . . Walter Mercado. Just as Don Francisco was an iconic figure in most Latino households, our families were also graced by the ethereal presence of the man simply known as Walter.

The Puerto Rican-born astrologer began his career as a dancer and eventually ended up as an telenovela actor – which makes total sense given his fabulous aura. He eventually ended up on television giving viewers their astrology reports. This is where he honed his now legendary wardrobe, sassiness, and blinding jewel game. It might sound like we're talking about Beyonce, but Walter Mercado is just as much of a fashion icon in his own right.

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To celebrate the legendary Walter Mercado, here are six fashion tips that every Latino learned from watching him on screen. May you continue to follow them con mucho, mucho amor.


A dramatic jacket will make an outfit

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The biggest thing we've learned from Walter is that a statement piece to bring an outfit to life. And for him, that is almost always an ornate jacket or dramatic cape situation. You could be wearing skinny black jeans and a plain top, but throw on a bedazzled jacket and you've got a LEWK.

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A brooch is an important statement piece

It seems like the art of the brooch has been lost to the past, but it could turn a plain collared shirt into something magical with just one pin. Brooches will get you a lot of attention – and not just from abuelitas. Okay, maybe not, but they're hella stylish.


Gold will always be in style

Think gold trimmings on clothes are gaudy? Walter reassures us that they will make you look and feel like the royalty that you are. We like the sound of that.


Multiple rings are acceptable

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Having a ring obsession that at some point teeters on the edge of looking like a lost pirate might be questionable, but Walter always wears all of his with pride. Hey, you've got ten fingers begging to be decorated.


Prints, prints, and more prints

Balmain needs to sit down because Walter has been rocking these woven prints on prints since the beginning of time.


Never be afraid to stand out

The most important tip of all is to ALWAYS be yourself and never hold back on making a statement with your outfits. Walter's fearless style is what has made him an icon all of these years and he has never apologized for being the fabulous man that he is. If that isn't the way to live, then what is?