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Deciding on what to wear to an interview is stressful, but when it’s for a fashion position, the pressure to look put together can be incredibly overwhelming. You have to accept that you will be judged on the way you look — it is fashion, after all. We asked six Vivala readers to share their personal stories of what they wore to their first fashion interview and the struggle it took to decide on their final looks. 

1. I still have the ensemble to this day. It’s my staple! "I hardly had any money to spend on clothes and a limited amount of time to pull an outfit together for an interview as an executive administrative assistant. My final look included pointed-toe, textured black booties with black leather pants and side stretch paneling. I wore an ivory top with a cool geometric pattern and a blazer that was ivory with black leather sleeves. I still have that blazer-and-pant ensemble to this day. When I met with my boss-to-be, who had formerly been the VP of marketing at Versace, I could tell she liked my look. I got the job the very next day after only one interview." – Sonia Hendrix, publicist

2. Nothing cost over $30. "My first professional interview was for an editorial internship at a women's magazine. I wore a light blue button down top, a gray pencil skirt, and short black heels. The entire outfit was from H&M. Each item cost somewhere between $15 to $25. Because this was my first interview — I was a freshman in college — I didn't know what to expect. Looking back on it, I could’ve had more fun with my look. Luckily for me, I still got the summer internship." – Victoria Rodriguez, student

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3. I opted for a Target designer collab. "My outfit was an ivory and black polka dot shift dress by Jovovich-Hawk for Target. It was super cute with a little ruffle on the hem and sheer three-quarter-length sleeves. I wore the dress to three different internship interviews I had in New York City and ended up being offered all three. I wish I still owned it!" – Shea Daspin, stylist 

4. I went with color. "I've been to my fair share of fashion interviews, but the one that sticks out most was when I interviewed for Third Wave Fashion, a fashion tech consultancy company. I wore an orange blazer, black pants, and had on Nars Lipstick in Schiap — which any Nars girl would probably agree [is] not the best color to interview in. Whoops! My entire outfit was from NastyGal and cost around $100. I tried on about five outfits before I decided on the final look. I almost didn’t get the job because my boss said I dressed 'too cool' for her."  – Cyndi Ramirez, founder of Taste the Style

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5. I played it cool for my Skype interview. "I was interested in a role in New York City, but I live in Puerto Rico, so my first interview was via Skype. I could’ve totally opted for a business on the top, party on the bottom option, but instead I grabbed a classic LBD and paired it with a black bomber jacket with red and white details. I really researched the company and felt like it was the right option for their vibe. And yes, I got the job!" – Bianca Nieves, editorial intern at Refinery29 

6. I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard. "Remembering this is really funny because I struggled with my outfit. I was interviewing for an internship with a designer and wanted to look serious and fashionable but didn't want to look like I was trying too hard — even though I was.  I tried on at least eight different outfits. I finally decided on a nude Parker jumpsuit with gold Miu Miu sneakers. I was totally into my outfit, went to sleep, and the next morning while I was getting ready, I COMPLETELY changed my mind and my outfit. I ended up wearing pink pastel shoes by Miu Miu with jeans I bought at Bloomingdale's, a white T-shirt, a gray hat, and a small pink Hérmes bag. It worked, I got the job."  – Alejandra Kaufman, student