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Every iPhone owners prayer's have been answered: the iOS 9.1 update brought us new emojis! Sure, we've loved our emojis so much that sometimes we'd respond with that than actual words, but if we're being real here, we got kind of bored of them. Who really needs two calendar emojis specifically for July 17th?! This fresh batch of 150 new emojis are welcomed with open arms and we can't wait to start using them ASAP. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the amazingness, don't worry, we've got you covered on how to use some of them — yes, there's even a middle finger emoji. 

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For taco tuesday

More like taco err'day.


For the weekend



For talking about the Kardashians

Kim Kardashian wore that? Kylie Jenner enhanced what? Please do not try to fight us on a better emoji to use because this one fits the bill after every Kardashian-Jenner text conversation you have — yes, we all have them. 

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For calling off sick

Forget that long email you have to write at 7am while you're covered in snot, have a banging headache, and feel like your throat will murder you if you even think of taking a sip of something. Just send them this emoji and call it a day. Warning: we're not responsible for any lay-offs if you do, in fact, end up just sending this emoji instead of a formal notice!


For expressing how you really feel

We felt like we were screaming into the void when we asked for a middle finger emoji, but Apple delivered. We have a new feeling this is replacing "K" real fast. 


For travelling

We've got another way to make your friends jealous when you're texting them about your trip to Bora Bora. 


For hitting the gym

Finally a way to keep talking about your killer gains. Do you even lift?!


For everything and anything

When all else fails, just use the unicorn. 


For Netflix and chill

You might not be the one to send it out, but get ready for the flood of these coming your way. 


For actually binge watching Netflix

Your friends should already know that if you send them this emoji, it's game-over because you're just trying to re-watch all of Game of Thrones before the new season, okay. 


For family situations

If they say that same story about you when you were 3 years old, you might just lose it. Forget the long text rants to your sister and just send her this, she'll get it. 


For depicting how much of a hot mess your life is

Disaster zone. 


For stalking the person you're about to go on a date with

Send this to your BFFs stat to get the inside scoop on that lucky suitor. You can also double this up as a #shade emoji if you don't trust what the other person's saying on the other end. 


For cuddling

When you want to cuddle with your beau OR yourself because, you know, not all of us are in relationships #foreveralone. 


For those moments where you just can't even

Ain't nobody got time to keep on fighting or dealing with the drama.


For payday

Make that cheese, honey! Also use this if you really, really like cheese — we're not judging. 


For exiting a convo

I there a better way to use "man in a business suit levitating"?


For all of the hugs!

When you're just feeling all of the feels, send this to your mom, your bestie, or your beau. 


For that special weirdo bestie that just gets you

The dancing twins emoji are too normal for your friendship. 


For the chic people in your life

How on trend, right?


For flan

This needs no explanation. 


For that cheesy love

A heart as an exclamation might have reached new levels of cute/cheesy, but let's be real, you probably will use it. 


For Hunger Games and Walking Dead fans



For a little extra luck

Technically it's a "comet" but it looks like a pretty shooting star to us. Also, we're still waiting for the perfect "mercury in retrograde" emoji, but feel free to use this in the interim. 


For those moments when things get a little spicy

We're just going to leave this one right here.