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You know how social media is 99.9 percent all about you? What if there was an app that took it a step further and let us rate you?! Sounds gross and scary, right? As if liking (and soon disliking) everything wasn’t enough, Nicole McCullough and Julia Cordray have created an app in which everyone can review YOU just the same way you would a restaurant or a hotel.

The app is called Peeple, and here’s how it works: “You're going to rate people in the three categories that you can possibly know somebody — professionally, personally or romantically," said Cordray. "So you'd be able to go on and choose your five-star rating, write a comment and you will not be anonymous." 

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This idea is so comical it seems derived from a plot line from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!  In The Gang Group Dates," which aired earlier this year, Dee and Dennis become obsessed with dating site "Rankers" which let's people rank each other using a five-star system. See? Sounds crazy familiar, right?

So why is Peeple getting such sever backlash on social media? Because as we have seen time and time again, trolls out there are cruel and torture others just for the sake of it. There are also frenemies out there who would love to call us out just for fun.

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The app requires you to log in through Facebook, provide a phone number, and be 21 or over. This, supposedly, will help to ensure you're a real person and make it impossible to submit anonymous malicious ratings, therefore will eliminate cyber-bullying, or so the creators claim. 

We highly doubt those requirements will stop people from getting completely out of line. Like, really, who are we to rate anyone, let alone publicize our opinions about human beings on social media?

Tons of others feel the same way. Here's a small sampling of the outrage expressed via Twitter today when news of this app broke. What do you think? Is it as bad as we all feel?