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Imagine a world where everyone was perfect. No wrinkles, no sunspots, no acne scars. Hard to imagine, huh?

Well, this scary utopian world might soon exist thanks to Panasonic. The tech company has created the ultimate beauty product to try to make imperfections a thing of the past. Its new super-smart mirror points out your “flaws” and then prints out makeup to cover the problematic areas (yeah, 'cause that's not harsh at all).

Back in January, Panasonic gave tech nerds a sneak peak of this innovative mirror that virtually fixes flaws and allows you to try on different makeup looks.

Originally the mirrors were designed to be used in retail spaces – such as cosmetic counters – to let customers try on recommended products. 

Now the tech company took its idea a step forward and created a printer that essentially links to the mirror to print out a personalized makeup mask.

According to a spokesperson for Panasonic, "the mirror identifies the most prominent spots and when you touch the print button, it prints out a thin film."

The concept is simple. First you look into the mirror, which points out EVERY single flaw it could possibly detect (hence all the little dots on the picture). Then the printer creates this customizable patch of makeup to effectively hide it all.

Just like a temporary tattoo, these customized concealers adhere to the skin with some added pressure and wetness.

Don't get too excited though, because these makeup tattoos will probably not be in your beauty routine anytime soon.

makeup routine

Although it takes two minutes for this 3-D printer to print out the recommended flaw concealer, it actually takes about a day for the mask to dry before it can be applied directly to a person’s face.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

For now, this skin analyzing mirror is still in its prototype stage, but Panasonic hopes to perfect the technology to be able to cover scar tissue and tattoos.


I personally think that as humans, what makes us unique and differently are all our imperfections. Although it's a cool concept, our flaws should be something we embrace — not hide under a layer of “fake skin.”

What do you think about this mirror perfecter? Would you incorporate it in your daily routine?

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