If you've ever felt certain that the members of your company's IT department are out to get you, this video by RocketJump is just for you. 

It opens with Jimmy, who we can assume is a company IT guy, approaching a group of his coworkers we can hear murmuring about the Wi-Fi password being changed in the background. When they spot Jimmy they ask him for the new password, to which he responds, "It's four words all uppercase." Naturally, one coworker asks for the first word and Jimmy responds "No, it's just that, it's one word all lowercase, four words all uppercase." Get it? Probably not if you aren't a member of an IT department somewhere, so of course it all goes downhill from there. 

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Jimmy's words are clearly lost in translation and the tension with his colleagues builds into screams and a straight-up threat. The kicker is when another colleague asks which Wi-Fi network she should be connected to. It is RocketJump 5G, but her search results show a list of networks named with every permutation and combination of that name you can think of. It is enough to make you give up on doing any work (or decent procrastinating) that day.

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The next time the phone line in your conference room is dead and your IT person strolls in and reveals that the problem was that it wasn't plugged in, but you were sure that it was, consider that they may be using their power to wage psychological warfare on you and the rest of your company's staff. Just some food for thought.

Did you crack the password riddle before the reveal at the end of the video?