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There are 5.7 million US children who live in a home with at least one undocumented parent or close family member, according to the Center for Migration Studies of New York.

For others, words weren’t enough to show their feelings. One student simply drew a sad, crying face.  

Children who are suddenly separated from their parents experience severe psychological symptoms. “It’s difficult to think of a crueler fate for a child than to see their parent deported. It’s like their world turns upside down on them,” Donald Kerwin, the executive director of the Center for Migration Studies of New York, told The Huffington Post.

“Studies show they mourn, have trouble sleeping, their eating patterns change. Some cannot concentrate in school, they’re fearful and some withdraw, while others act out in anger. Beyond losing a parent, they’re often dealing with the sorrow and distress of another adult, typically a second parent.”

Texan teachers will continue creating a safe environment for the anxious students but it’s clear that Trump has already negatively impacted them.

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