With the weather warming up, people are trading in their coats for arm-baring tanks and their long pants for shorts to welcome spring comfortably. Unfortunately, that also means girls in elementary school and high school will be on their guard, as with warmer weather typically comes the unfair scrutiny by their school's administrators.

A Texas high school is the latest dress code offender — but one Latina mom isn't letting them get away with it.

On April 7, high school junior Sophia Abuabara called her mom in tears because her striped, long-sleeve dress was considered inappropriate and she was asked to change.

Her mom, Rosey Abuabara, rushed to Tom C. Clark High School in San Antonio. 

But instead of arriving with a change of clothes, she came to her daughter’s defense.

The mother of three couldn’t understand why her daughter’s dress, which she alleges she personally measured that morning to make ensure it aligned with the school's dress code, was more important than her education.

“My daughter is number one in her class,” she said in a Facebook video. “She is class president. She has raised thousands of dollars for the school prom. Apparently, the length of her skirt is more important than her education.”

When Rosey raised her concerns with Dr. Jerry Woods, the school’s principal, his response was dismissive.

Woods allegedly claimed he was concerned that Sophia's picture would be inappropriately taken while going up stairs, and that he didn’t care about her dress following the rules set by the district.

“He said that it did not matter,” Rosey told TODAY Style. “He said what mattered was the judgement call from the administrator.”

Rosey became more upset when Woods reportedly laughed at her daughter’s distress.

“I told him that was a very sexist thing to do,” she said. “I was like, ‘If she felt like she got shamed, who are you to say that she wasn’t shamed?’”

Woods was offended by the word sexist and asked Rosey if she needed to call her husband to deal with the situation. The Latina mom went on to defend herself, saying:

“I said, ‘No, sir. I do not need my husband here to take care of this. I am a grown woman and I can take care of this myself.’”

Rosey was escorted off the campus after refusing to leave on her own.

But she stayed parked nearby in case her daughter needed anything. Sophia took her exams that day without changing, although Woods tried to pull her out during her Latin test. 

The high school responded back through a spokesperson for Northside Independent School District.

According to Latina, Barry Perez said:

“This issue was addressed by campus administrators in a manner consistent with other dress code concerns on their campus,” he said. “The student was not taken out of class during a test. She visited with a campus administrator after her test was completed. No disciplinary action was issued. Campus administrators have met with the student and her parents to discuss the matter and it has been resolved.”

In her video, Rosey called dress codes for girls in the school district to change.

The Latina mom went on to acknowledge that it’s an issue girls are constantly dealing with.