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It can be hard to keep an optimistic attitude with the stresses of everyday life. There are many pressures and expectations you have to meet, even when all you want to do in curl up into a fuzzy robe or sink into a bubble bath. If you’re constantly on-the-go, you need an energy boost. No, we’re not talking about coffee. We mean songs that will be your inspirational anthems all day long, starting with your morning drive. Here’s a playlist that will make you feel confident and empowered no matter where you’re headed (or what the traffic is like).


Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna — “This Is What You Came For”

Need a confidence boost? If you want to feel like you’re the most powerful woman in the room (or car), this new collaboration by Calvin Harris and Rihanna is for you. With power lyrics like, “Lighting strikes every time she moves,” you’ll be turning heads effortlessly. Plus, it’s a catchy dance song that you can groove to all day long.


Sia ft. Sean Paul — “Cheap Thrills”

Having fun doesn’t mean you have to have millions of dollars or the fanciest clothes. As Sia puts it: “I don’t need no money / As long as I can feel the beat.” Love what you’ve got!


Bon Jovi — “Livin’ On A Prayer”

This iconic track is all about going through hard times and knowing that at the end, everything will work out. So take a chance, already!


Katy Perry — "Rise"

This song is literally about proving to everyone that you’re a strong, vibrant force. A great tune for when you’re about to go into an interview or ask for that raise you deserve. So turn up the volume and sparkle, girl!


Ariana Grande ft. Zedd — “Break Free”

An older track from one of America’s pop sweethearts, “Break Free” may be about breaking away from a bad relationship, but it also means breaking away from conventional definitions of happiness. The lyrics are so empowering: “I'm stronger than I've been before /This is the part when I break free / ‘Cause I can't resist it no more.” 


Demi Lovato — "Confident"

The ultimate self-confidence anthem, Demi Lovato asks, “What’s wrong with being confident?” Absolutely nothing! You should feel free to be you. So go ahead, sing your heart out in the car while everyone is watching.


Selena — “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”

This Selena classic is a beloved tune for good reason. Sing along while you drive (and maybe dance in your seat, too) and the energy will carry over even after you get to your destination.


Survivor — “Eye of the Tiger”

It might have been by a one-hit wonder, and it might have been a while since it pumped out of your speakers, but “Eye of the Tiger” has been motivating us since the 80s – and for good reason. Having a hard time finishing an assignment for work, or starting that fitness routine you swore you’d do? This is the song you need.


P!nk — “Just Like Fire”

Feel a little out of place? You don’t always have to blend in with the crowd, and that’s okay. P!nk emphasizes that no one is the same, so share your unique shine right now.

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