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photo: Janice Durant

Name: Janice M. Durrant

Age: 23

Occupation: Public Relations Clerk for the City of Philadelphia's Streets Department

Current location: Philadelphia

Travel Motto: My motto is, "Stand up, be confident, and move across the globe." You have to tackle traveling in steps, but once you are mentally and physically prepared you just have to go.

When did you first start traveling?

"I started traveling my junior year of college."

Janice Durrant has accomplished many things while living and studying in Philadelphia and around the world from New York City to South Africa to Peru. As a young mother herself, she has been motivated to work with teen moms in South Africa and launch a foundation called My House Helping Your House; Mi Casa Ayudando Su Casa in Peru. The benefits of which she used to give back to young mothers and children in the respective countries. She started her own movement and urges all young women to stand up, be confident, and move through anything that may occur in life.