Even though pumpkin spice everything has already taken over, there's technically one month of summer left. As people scramble to squeeze in as much last-minute sun and relaxation in as they can, take a look at how rich and famous Latinx celebs made their summer '17 the best ever. 

1. Salma Hayek has been getting in touch with nature in Costa Rica.

The Mexicana has been posting her breathtaking getaway photos on the 'gram.

Even though she didn't tag her location, the pics are total giveaways. THE INTERNET SEES EVERYTHING.

Of course she's been enjoying her time off with hubby François-Henri Pinault.


Hayek is living the life, y'all.

2. Sofia Vergara took a trip to what appears to be Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Vergara and Joe Manganiello have been hashtagging their sweet vacay pics with #CasaChipiChipi.

It looks like some R&R is exactly what the doctor ordered for them.

That background almost looks fake!

3. We can't have a list about Latinx celeb vacations without mentioning Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod's Paris #baecation.

It took their adorable and fuego AF romance to the next level.

Paris will do that to you.

We were living for all of their lovey-dovey snaps.

Seriously, J.Lo knew how to capture every moment on their Parisian holiday.

Hell, even the paparazzi shots were too cute.

latinx celebs on incredible summer vacations
photo: Splash

The Louvre IS for lovers.

4. Ricky Martin also boo'd it up with his partner Jwan Yosef en España.

How are these two even real?!

The "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer brought his kids along to experience the wonders of traveling.

These kids are livin' la vida of luxury — and we're totally jealous.

5. America Ferrera and her husband celebrated 12 years of love in Iceland.

Yes, 12 YEARS!

It looked like an anniversary trip of a lifetime...

...right down to the cheesy tourist photo op!

What a beautiful way to ring in another year of their relationship.

Well, we had a nice run. #worthit #bluelagoon

A post shared by America Ferrera (@americaferrera) on

See? Love ISN'T dead.

6. Eva Longoria absolutely slayed her mini-tour of Spain.

Maybe she could have met up with Ricky Martin?!

She owned those Spanish streets!

But she also took some time to lay low.

Did you really think she was going to commute throughout the country without a private jet?!

The perfect #goals Insta pic.

From sippin' on some vino...

...to playing some beach volleyball...

...Longoria DID THAT!

7. Maluma has been on tour but took some time off in Mexico.

Your welcome for this photo.

He could honestly make the middle of nowhere look like one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

*fans self*

8. Jackie Cruz took an epic voyage throughout Europe.

Her pictures in Italy are what dreams are made of.

And yes, her man joined her, too.

Capri wasn't ready for her!

France was amazing...

...but Spain was just as beautiful.

We're starting to think everybody took a lil' flight to Spain this year.

She made some picture-perfect memories throughout her journey.

Maybe she was scoping out future wedding locations?

OK, maybe we took that too far.

Whatever the case may be, she's upped the "backpacking through Europe" game and we're looking for our flights RN.

9. Luis Fonsi also managed to carve out some time during his tour to see what Cyprus is all about.

"Getting my pre-show dinner in Cyprus," he wrote on his IG.

We're pretty sure he took it Despacito* while he was out there.

*You know we had to.

Oh yeah, he visited Egypt, too.

We're gonna start saving up our coins now to get a taste of what these Latinxs were able to do.

We don't even want to know what they have up their sleeves for their winter globe-trotting.