So much to see, so little time. That is how we feel when we're on a road trip in a place with endless hot spots. 

Luckily, we got input from a few Latina travel bloggers who helped us narrow down the list to the nine US cities at the top of their road-tripping lists.


Sedona, Arizona

"Road tripping through Arizona is spectacular because of the colors, the original route 66, and the Grand Canyon," Alexandra Tracy Chavarriaga, founder of Travel Latina, told Vivala. "The majority of the desert earth there is an orange rust color, which enhances the sunsets while driving west. My personal favorite city to visit was Sedona, with the red-rock buttes and steep canyon walls offering unique, other-worldly topography," she added.


Gateway, Colorado

Olga Maria Czarkowski, founder of Dreams in Heels and Latinas Who Travel, has the perfect choice in Colorado for thrill-seekers looking for an experience that's off the beaten path. "I went all around Gateway, Grand Junction, and I even saw some of Utah from the air while on a helicopter ride," Czarkowski told Vivala. "You can go on Driven Experiences (riding in a pro Baja trophy truck alongside a driver while wearing a fireproof bodysuit in Gateway, Colorado), you can hike beautiful, scenic mountains almost anywhere, go horseback riding around the red rock canyons, join an UTV Tour to the top of John Brown Canyon/Dolores Point Mesa, or just simply sit back and relax while stargazing at night, making s'mores, and enjoying the soothing sounds of the evening and surrounding nature."

"For foodies, try the trouts, Rocky Mountain oysters, and don't forget to go brewery hopping!" she said. "So many great micro breweries in Colorado — or try the official state drink, Snowball (1 part Vodka, 2 parts Fresca, and 1 part lime juice)."


New Orleans, Louisiana

"The Big Easy should be on everyone's bucket list because of the music, food, history, and culture," Jessica Y. Flores of Domesticated Me told Vivala. "Whether you consider yourself a foodie or a music lover, there are endless opportunities to laissez le bon temps rouler (let the good times roll)."


Boston, Massachusetts

"Boston is a young and vibrant city, and super accessible," Joy Valerie Carrera, aka Part Time Exploradora, told Vivala. "I've road tripped here in the summer and early fall several times. You can walk through Harvard Square and feel inspired, and Boston also has a sense of belonging to it even when one may stick out a bit. The architecture and the harbor paint a story of early Americana. Road tripping through is great, but be warned, there are lots of roundabouts — it's best to drive in and find a parking garage. The city is accessible through the metro."

Carrera recommends taking a short drive over to Cape Cod for a "skydiving adventure over the water."


San Francisco, California

"The Pacific Highway road trip is a MUST in your 20s, and San Francisco is the perfect start (or end!) to this amazing experience," Cecilia Saia, aka Ceci de Viaje, told Vivala. "Food, culture, architecture, high tech, and history all in one breathtaking city."


Colorado Springs, Colorado

"No matter the time of the year, it is always a good time to visit Colorado Springs, Colorado," Delilah Dee of Delilah & Company told Vivala. "Whether you are hiking through the Garden of the Gods or whitewater rafting in the Arkansas River, this is where you need to be to satisfy that wanderlust itch you've been wanting to scratch. The growing diverse population in this city, followed by the countless amount of activities ready and available, is great for adventure seeker in you."


Miami, Florida

"Driving to Miami is such a great trip," blogger Alyssa de la Rosa told Vivala. "Driving from New York along the East Coast lets me stop in all coastal major cities, setting foot in such awesome places in Maryland, Virginia, and throughout the state of Florida. Really, what's better than driving along the coast watching the waves crash as you drive?!"

"To make it an even more scenic trip, drive down to Key West for richer ocean hues," she added.


Yosemite National Park, California

"Taking adventures and being on a budget is not difficult when you're traveling here," blogger Wendy Perez told Vivala of Yosemite National Park. "You can rent out a cabin with friends, buy food for the weekend, and explore the park for days! Travel tip: Land in Sacramento, get geared up and pack your food, then road trip to the park to spend the week there."


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Already in Puerto Rico? Jenifer Rosa López of Los Locales recommends exploring San Juan beyond the limits of Old San Juan. "We've been observing closely a cultural and gastronomic renaissance amid the [economic] crisis, and we'd like for people to experience it as well through our eyes," López shared. "For example, you can start your day several ways, but we highly encourage you to work out, even if it's a nice long walk by Ocean Park beach to decompress, meditate, relax, and get ready for the fantastic food San Juan has." 

If you want to start the day like a local, she recommends "coffee at Gusto's in Miramar or any other coffee shop like Café con Cé, Café Regina, or Hacienda San Pedro. You cannot have a decent breakfast without sweet, fluffy, dreamy mallorcas from La Bombonera and decadent quesitos from Kasalta. #Obsessed, ask anyone!" 

El Mercado Paseo Caribe, Lote 23, or Berlingeri are her picks for lunch. End the evening getting your dance on at "Placita de Santurce and dine at Jose Enrique, Santaella, or PBYsla."

The city's art scene is also worth checking out. "If you're into museums, we got you covered, sure, but perhaps you should take a look at street art and murals on Ernesto Serra's street," she said. "Or check out MECA and Souvenir, some of the most talked-about art programs going on right this very moment in the island."