Maria Laborde is the fierce and fabulous Latina behind, and her posts motivate and inspire us every day. She is a travel writer and "nomadic" Spanish translator. She's originally from Puerto Rico but isn't afraid to move around often. She first moved to Florida for college and later studied abroad in Egypt and Morocco, as she tells us in a video post to her YouTube account. In her video, "How and Why I Moved to Indonesia" Laborde sums up her travel motto by a single quote: "It is an adventure that some people finally find themselves and get to know themselves."

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How and Why I Moved to Indonesia

Watching this video is enough inspiration alone to pack up and start a new life in another beautiful country. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand Scooter Ride

Laborde recently traveled to Thailand solo, and this video takes us through Chiang Mai with her Couchsurfing host.

Diving With Mola Mola in Nusa Penida, Bali

This beautiful sunfish lured Laborde deeper and deeper into the ocean until she realized she was too far down.

Seaventures Dive Rig: Malaysian Borneo Diving

In Malaysia, Laborde found herself staying at and diving off of a converted oil rig. What she saw below the surface is insane.

Costa Rica Horseback Riding: Osa Peninsula

For those of us dying to ride on horseback through the jungle, this one's for you.

The Beast at Toro Verde Park, Puerto Rico

Join Laborde as she ziplines down the highest zip line ride in the world and try not to die of jealousy.