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Pinterest is a crazy place. You can hop on with the single intent to find a dress for next Saturday night’s date, and then two hours later, you’ve plugged in the ingredients of the ultimate brownie ice cream cake into your phone (topped with gummies, vanilla bean ice cream, peanut butter chips, and chocolate sprinkles. Wrap in saran wrap, wait till frozen. #heaven) 

It’s all eyeball crack. Pure euphoria for the consumer’s greatest imagination, where any pin you see, with great lighting and well-done typography, becomes your life’s next greatest ambition. Which is why, when I first saw the idea that you could use coconut oil as lubricant during sex on Pinterest I knew this was something that my sex life desperately needed.

Because, let’s face it: Whenever someone tells me there’s a homeopathic way to accomplish what an OTC product can — without all the unpronounceable, chemical ingredients — I know I'm gonna try it. Partially 'cause I'm cheap. Partially 'cause I'm curious. And mostly because making healthy and organic choices about your body is SO in right now. 

So when I studied up on the same product that’s been saving my hair (using it as a deep conditioner) and cleaning my teeth (using it to oil pull), and learned how to incorporate it into my sex life, the benefits quickly began to stack up: It smells really good, reportedly makes your ladybud taste great, and has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Although there hasn't been a ton of credible research that's examined the safety of coconut oil as lube, some experts think it's a good option for women who experience extreme vulvar dryness or allergic reactions to traditional lubes. I was sold.

Giving it a whirl
Here’s the thing about coconut oil: It’s still an oil-based lubricant, which means you can’t use it with condoms because it will disintegrate the hell out of latex. And since I’m not in a relationship with someone I really trust, in order for me to use coconut oil as lubricant for this piece, I knew I was going to have to get very creative.

Luckily, when I mentioned my dilemma to Mr. Cocky — a new boy-toy crush, who’s generally up for almost anything in the name of Vivala research — he was instantly game to get a little greasy. Instinctively, placing a towel down before we got going felt like a good place to start. As did getting the correct oil for this experiment — enthusiasts recommend using all-natural, unrefined coconut oil, as refined oils have added ingredients that your body could react to.

Next: How much do you use?
While Mr. Cocky reached for about two quarters and a nickel-sized amount of oil, I opted for some restraint and used only one quarter-sized amount of oil for myself — which was probably the right amount for both of us, as he was a mess after he finished. A little bit really does go a long way with this oil.

How does it feel?
Cue the D’Angelo music, as I wax poetic about how incredible this stuff feels. I thought I was being licked by silk — it’s incredibly smooth, without an ounce of resistance, and allows your partner to slide in and out of you with the greatest of ease. Even Mr. Cocky was instantly hooked, finding the lack of resistance a much better stroking experience for him. Instead of a standard up and down handy, the oil will help you twist and turn his junk like an Atari stick. All dexterity seems to multiply by 10 with this stuff. In fact, I’m not really sure he won’t forever have a jar of this tucked by his bed for the rest of his life. 

And unlike lube, which you often have to reapply to maintain your moisture down there, the coconut oil kept the party going with one application — which, for a girl like me, who normally needs more lube after the first couple of orgasms to stay wet, was a dream come true. I never stopped feeling moisturized and never needed to apply anymore than the original drop. It was a miracle.

How does it taste?
In my most honest opinion? Like the kind of tropical cocktail you drink poolside in Las Vegas on Easter Sunday. It was spectacular, and a little naughty, which only made it even more spectacular. I couldn’t believe how good my own body tasted. It almost made me want to open a restaurant: just throw a sign around my waist with an arrow pointing down that said “Eat here.” I just felt that confident that I legit tasted absolutely scrumptious. 

So what’s the verdict?
Personally, I'd be down to try it again; however, remember that pinnable doesn't necessarily equal safe. Pay attention to the signals your body gives you, and if you have any concerns at all, talk to your doctor about using this before you become a full convert like Mr. Cocky. As for me? If I do it again, I'll be damn sure to get the most organic, fresh, and refined coconut oil there is. (What? My chocha's completely worth it.) 

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